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We are a dynamically developing company specialised in collection and purchase of debts as well as serving court proceedings and enforcement proceedings connected with vindication of receivables.

We offer a thorough vindication service, including all stages of receivables recovery, i.e. arbitration, court proceedings and enforcement proceedings.

We also undertake preventiveactions,such as:
business intelligence (investigation of contractor’s reliability and solvency);
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Important information

Limitation – negative implications due to the lapse of time

It is worth remembering that time usually acts to the creditor’s disadvantage. Once a certain period of time lapses, the debtor can in an utterly legal (lawful) way evade the repayment by invoking the institution of limitation.

Taxation advantages of unsuccessful enforcement

It often happens so that the creditor faces a dilemma whether to bear the costs connected with the vindication of receivables when there are justified doubts concerning the debtor’s solvency.


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